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Catastrophic Personal Injury and Medical Mal Practice Claims

Catastrophic Personal Injury and Medical Mal Practice Claims

This area of practice is one of my personal favorites. The internet is filled with law firms “specializing” in Personal Injury and Medical Mal Practice claims. What does that mean? Just because you do a lot of work in one particular area doesn’t mean you necessarily do a very good job. The world is filled with personal injury and medical mal-practice “specialist”.  They spend thousands of dollars a month in advertising which results in a large volume of cases.  Consequently they sometimes are forced to “settling your case” for the least amount of money offered to them by the insurance company. Why? Because these type of firms manage a large volume of cases making it virtually impossible for them to do quality legal work on any one particular file.  Some of these personal injury “specialist” never go to court, or have ever tried a case before a judge or jury. If a case does not settle they usually refer it out to a firm like us.  Why go through that nonsense? If you have a serious personal injury or medical mal practice matter call me. I maintain a very small number of these type of cases. Why? Because in order to do a good job on these type of cases you have to really focus on the details. In addition, having a background in defending these type of cases, I know how to position the case for the best results possible.

Over 20 Years in Practice

Mr. MacKoul has litigated and tried cases in the areas of Commercial litigation, Construction Defect, Personal Injury and Medical Mal Practice. He has also tried criminal cases on a limited basis.

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