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Beware of “Off Label” use of antipsychotic medication with the elderly.

Nursing homes are often understaffed. Patients cannot get the kind of attention they deserve and need. Patients often time cry out for help, and are labeled as “behavior” problems. The staff calls in the psychiatrist, who is often times a nurse practitioner operating under the control of the shrink. The cure for the nursing home […]

Just because someone has memory problems does not mean they have Dementia.

While I am not a physician or a behavioral therapist, I have been involved in and have tried cases involving whether or not a person is competent to draft a Will or a Trust or have a guardian.  A lot of seniors are misdiagnosed with various forms of cognitive disorders.  Dementia is not a disease […]

Beware of Personal Injury “Specialists”

In this world, people always tell other people, “go to the specialist”!  That may work when you see a surgeon who specializes in “brain surgery” or “back surgery” , but it really doesn’t apply to Personal Injury Law. I cut my teeth as a young lawyer working for insurance companies and large corporations doing personal […]

Minority Shareholders Have Rights-Don’t be Bullied Out of a Business Relationship.

Massachusetts has specific laws that protect minority shareholders. This is especially true in small “closely held” companies owned by family members. Being in business with family has its challenges. Sometimes family members do not agree on the direction of a business or one member wants to control the business at the expense of the other […]

In A Construction Defect Case-“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”-So Take Lots of Them If You Think Your Going To be Sued.

Whether your a contractor or a homeowner (or in some cases a business owner) and are curently involved in an ongoing construction project, please take pictures! Taking pictures of ongoing construction work should be a regular practice during any construction project. Its cheap insurance to take lots of pictures while your either building a home […]

“Undue Influence” is Very Difficult but not Impossible to Prove when Challenging a Will or an Estate Plan.

A lot of Will (and Trust) contests I handle involve family members seeking to upholding or deny the validity of a Will.  Family member who want to deny the validity of a Will oftentimes claim that the person making the Will was “unduly influenced” by another family member or friend, who happens to be the […]

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Mr. MacKoul has litigated and tried cases in the areas of Commercial litigation, Construction Defect, Personal Injury and Medical Mal Practice. He has also tried criminal cases on a limited basis.

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